where in the world is carmen san diego, er, sarah-anne?!

If you've asked yourself that question in the past couple weeks, you're awesome. 

Truth is, I can do everything EXCEPT read blogs on my Kindle Fire. Which stinks, but you win some, you lose some.  & since that's the only thing I can't do on the Kindle, I forget that we own a laptop & sink into a Words with Friends coma (wanna play? leave your username in the comments & i'll beat you! or maybe you'll be me...50/50 chance). Thus, no blog posts. 

Forgive me?!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you've settled back into a normal routine nicely since the holidays are over ::sniff sniff:: Be on the lookout for a bunch of new catch up posts! 


  1. Girl, you are too funny! My mom has the Kindle Fire, and can't you just go to the web browser and type in www.reader.google.com?

    I will totally beat you at Words With Friends :) just kidding. I pretty much stink :) my username is photogal2014! I had a random opponent guy ask me if I was a model, because of photogal... Um, no. I'm a photographer ;) haha!