bullet update

Just a little update for those of you who were so sweet enough to pray for our Bullet baby.

I am SO happy to report that the very next day, Wednesday, he was acting like his ol' self. Tired, yes but way better than that sad day. We were thrilled! 
Yeahhh. Look at that CUTE face.

So happy he was tired enough to still lay in my arms like a baby.

And the best part? He's only gotten more energetic as the week as progressed. Lots of walks to ::ahem:: get things moving if ya know what I mean because this guy still can't get his business right means lots of time playing outside since the weather is SO unseasonably warm (70's?! Yeah, crazy I know.) I took my camera out this afternoon.

Sticks are cool. At least that's what Bullet says! 


With the ears flipped back, yo!

Again, we only love him a little bit ;) Happy Saturday, readers! I hope you have puppy snuggles in your near future.

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