ice, ice baby

I'm sorry about that title...I just couldn't resist.

A couple days ago Jack told me that his WOL youth group was coming to our town. ::gasp:: AND they were going ice skating ::double gasp:: His sis Hannah & I were JUST talking about how much we wanted to go wipo out  skate around the rink all graceful like. AND they were inviting our youth group to go as well. ::triple gasp:: OK, so at this point in the gasps I'm hyperventilating. But I'm pretty sure I was doing that in real life.

It was a looong two days, ya'll. Knowing that you're going to see some of your best friends whom you haven't seen in MONTHS in just 72 hours can make a person crazy...as if I wasn't already. HA.

Today was the day. And it was AWESOME. I had SO much fun I barely took any pictures. I kept coming out to give my ankles a break (thanks to Dylan's tying skills) so that's when I snapped all of these.

They were showoffs. 

Erika. I lub her. 


They are SUCH goofballs. (L to R: Hannah, Jack, and Connor)

Random lady watching random people whiz by
 At some point, we were so frozen & so we decided to go thaw out in the snack bar, which then morphed into Sam, Connor, Erika, and Grace sitting with me & Hannah. In one booth. Yeah, it was cramped but so fun. The boys found out I laugh at guy (read: inappropriate) jokes. After much laughter and stealing of gloves (I'm lookin' at YOU, Sam), we went back out only to come back in and go back out when the lights dimmed.

photo FAIL. But it was SO awesome. 

I was still shaking once we left & had already gotten to McDonalds (which, funny enough, was the same one Sam works at. he can't escape that place) but warmed up by laughing at more stupid guy stuff that the other girls didn't get. Memories.

Gahhh. I love those WOL people SO much. I miss them already!

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  1. Haha it was such a blast, and yes you did get the stuff the other girls didn't............haha is that a good thing or a bad thing though :P.........