It's a word many people associate with the Catholic faith, as well as sacrifice and the ever popular "I can give something up anytime, so why do it for 40+ days a certain time of the year?". Truth is, I've had all those thoughts, even the ever popular one. Many people use Lent to give up an unhealthy habit or something that they feel hinders them in their walk with Christ. We even think that if we give up something that constitutes as a sacrifice for us, it will parallel what Jesus did oh-so many years ago.

All of that changed this year. Remember our Advent books from Christmas? The older man who writes that particular series decided to write a special book meant only to read at Lent. Thus, a discussion with Dad on what he gave up for Lent many years ago as a boy {for those that don't know, my dad was Catholic growing up}. It was a mutual decision that we all give up something for the week before Easter, and what a great decision it was.

Fast foward to this week. Each of our "sacrifices" were something that meant something to us; Clark gave up his favorite computer game and Dad gave up evening TV. What about me, you ask? I choose to give up something that I felt both hindered me from my relationship with God AND was a little sacrifice in my life. Blogging.

After this post publishes, I'm unplugging from the blogging world. Sure, I'll stalk people on Twitter and get the occasion tidbit from Emmylou, but other than that: no blogger for me.

Farewell, readers. I'll be back next week with plenty of adventures to share... :)

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