blogging break week {Sat. to Tues}

Sooo...you've probably wondered what I did all week while I was on my Lent/blogging break. To be honest, school was the main thing, but hey: life isn't glamourous all.the.time. ::nodding head while sitting in yoga pants and a tank top with a hole in it:: ;) 

For those times I wasn't sitting around filled my head with useless knowledge {cough cough, geometric proofs cough cough} I got out and hung around with my peeps. 

{Saturday 4.16}

Bright blue skies in the morning and this in the afternoon...

Omnious, huh? I don't get serious on the blog often, but watch out because I'm not fooling around... The worst tornados since '84 struck Eastern NC on that Saturday afternoon. I've always watched the reports come rolling in and never thought twice, but a tornado between the 3 miles that separate us from our town is too much. To God be the glory for keeping me and my loved ones {family AND friends} safe. I actually manage to quit my dance party {I do strange things when scared/tired} and take a picture of the actual tornado. The light part on either side of the tree is the sky, while the big block is the tornado heading to the next county. Freaky.

This was the picture of the afternoon: TV on tuned into the local news, Clark generally being a weirdo and me taking pictures of it all.

After the danger/storms were over, we headed into our town to survey the damage {and there was a lot}. We walked outside and saw this: blue skies, the same way the day started.

{Sunday 4.17}

After church on Sunday, we headed over Tripps for a birthday lunch compliments of Gran Jan. Yummy in my tummy! :)

 Because Dr. Pepper is awesome and the lighting was just too irresistible! ;)

OMG, the muffins. I didn't personally eat one, but man, they were pretty...

 Dad and his awesome Mama:

Mama, Clark and I were bench buddies...

Dad's salad...

Mama and I split the chicken platter; yummy in my tummy 2x!

Clark and his HUGE sandwich. And, as unbelievable as it sounds, he ate it all. Growth spurt? I think so.

The day concluded with reading outside, WOL/ACTS, and generally happiness. Winning!

{Monday 4.18}

Monday, Monday... Not much was going on that day lots of schoolwork and lots of Twitter stalking to see what my blogging friends were up to. ;)

{Tuesday 4.19}

As I've mentioned before, every other Tues. I go hang with the Harvins; this week was no exception. I love love love this family, and Miss Beth and I worked worked worked on crafts for CBS next year. As a reward for doing 5 crafts at a time, we usually have tea parties and goodies from the Fresh Market. Good times. 

Lately the skies have been blue and the warm filled with pollen, so we venture outside because it's warm out. And we ride bikes in our PJ's, because that's how we roll.

We also have picinics in the front yard complete with cheddar bunnies and peanut butter/honey/butter sandwiches. 

The hair. THE HAIR. It kills me each and every time I see these pictures.

Happy Tuesday, readers! Part 2 of blogging break is coming up later this week...

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