Favorite Things Friday + Saturday Shopping {6}

Today I'm linking up with Kim's  Favorite Things Friday and Gussy's  Saturday Shopping blogging meme's. I absolutely love finding new Etsy pretties and sharing them with you, so here we go!
Warning: Lots of cuteness coming your way. Just sayin'.}

Even though last week's was all yellow and sunshine-y, I'm back again with more yellow than your sweet eyes can handle. Maybe it's because yellow might just be my new favorite color or maybe it's because my blog is all pretty in pink yellow. You'll never know... ;)


{1. Ruffle Linen Earrings}
{2. Yellow Wrapped Pendant}
{3. Silver Nest Earrings}
{4. Yellow French Messenger Bag}
{5. Jersey Ruffled Scarf}
{6. Linen Yellow Tulips}
{7. Yellow Sailor Tote Bag}
{8. Eco-Friendly Dress}
{9. Pleated Canvas Shoulder Bag}
{10. Crocheted Necklace}
{11. Owl Necklace}
{12. Oak Leaves Pendant}
{13. Yellow Sleeveless Dress}
{14. Crocheted Bumblebee}
{15. Love Birds Print}
{16. Silver Citrine Ring}

Sooo...I know I said that last week's FTF + SS was my favorite, but seriously: could the little bumblebee be any cuter?! :)

Happy shopping!

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