happy birthday mama!

{pics taken on New Year's Eve @ the waters house}

I seriously don't know where to start, and I'm not just saying that because the words aren't flowing, but it's because I really don't know how to express my love and admiration and respect I have for you, Mama. I wrote you one of the best cards I've ever written, and I think that's where all my creative juices went. :)

I value our relationship, and sitting here reflecting on this past year, it's dawned on me that we are so close. And I love it. The talks we have about anything and everything, the way you encourage me or say the words I really needed to hear at that exact moment...Ah, I love it. 

And I love you, Mama. 

P.S. I realize this post isn't the longest birthday post I've written; in fact, it might qualify as one of the shortest, but that doesn't mean ANYTHING. I love my mama so so so much. Less is more, right? :)

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