historical ball 2011 {the dancing}

The 3rd and final installment of the Historical Ball 2011!! Finally, right?!

After the mini-portrait session in the parlor, we went in the main room where the ball was held and helped finish up the final touches. Sorry, no before pictures, but it was quite the transformation!! A huge kudos goes to Katie for thinking of the decor and coming up with great ideas pertaining to the placement of things in the room, along with all the people who helped set up: the Poppe's, Goodsons, Nichols, and my little ol' family.

Ready? Of course you are... ;)

The "trees", which were actually tomato cages. I know, right?! Genius. 

The stage:

The entryway:

Sweet Emmylou, who was quite the photographer that night:

The punch table {oh look! there she is again. ;)}:

Lanterns adorned each and every table...

The decorating crew hung lights over the roll top buffet, which lead into the kitchen...

The food tables were in a great place this year {thanks to Miss Molly's placement}...

Looking at the dancing area from the back wall of the church...

Now you know what the room looked like!! So beautiful and elegant, no?

While we were waiting for the other committee members to arrive, I snapped pictures of some of my favorite people in the world. :)

OMG, this girl kills me with her prettiness each and every time I look at her...

Kaley was not a fan of the pictures. I almost slugged her, because she was just so pretty I NEEDED to take a picture of her...

And last, but not least {believe me}, a picture of our caller/dance instructor: Mr. Simon Spalding. History buff and dancing extraordinaire!!

All pictures are credit to Mama and Dad!! Thanks for manning the camera when I couldn't!!

Waiting in line with my bestie, starving and trying out almost everything in sight...

Clark, the punch man. He and Andrew were so sweet and helpful to the kitchen crew by handling the punch table, passing out cups of punch, cleaning up and such.

Sigh. I love my family. My sweet Mama and her little baby boy, along with my two favorite men in the whole wide world.

Apparently it was family picture time... ;)

Dancing time!! Oh yes.

 I laugh a lot when I dance to cover up for my bad dancing skills...

Clark and I got to dance everyone's all time favorite dance: the Gallopede. It made dancing with him even more special!!

Bad picture, but you get the idea: it's a fun dance. :)

Clark also got to dance with Brianne and Emily {pictured below}...

And a favorite of the night: these shoes.

So, now you know why I keep talking about the HB 2011. It's awesome. And if you haven't enough of the pictures, click HERE to see my bestie's post {with GREAT pictures} and HERE for Linsday's  pictures.

Happy Saturday, readers!! Wishing you a great Lord's Day tomorrow.

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