i'm bbbaaaccckkk...

...And that, my readers, was said in my bestest singsong voice. :)

If you're just tuning into this space I call my little corner of the blogosphere, I took a blogging break the week before Easter in honor of Lent. While I missed each and every one of the blogs I follow and your sweet comments that flood my inbox each morning from previous posts, my break from the blogging world was awesome. I spent my normal blogging time sitting out in the sunshine, reading and cutting up with the family. And, thanks for the blogging break, I have a wicked sunglasses tan {along with a overall farmer's tan} before all my friends. I might be kinda sorta proud about that little fact.

That's not to say I spent all my time playing and frolicking through the daisy patch weeds that grew like man people and multiplied by the second. Recently, I started going to the Word of Life Bible Study that many of my Bible Study friends attend, and I've fallen in love. It's since to hang with other homeschooling teens and just generally be weird and laugh at the most random things, but it's also a great study program with many levels of being involved in the Study. I'm now considering the possibility of going to the WOL camp this summer...

Lots of things happened over my blogging break. I finished my chemistry curriculum early, and I've been working like a mad woman to finish my geometry ::cough cough which could be the most evil thing EVAH cough cough::. Plenty of other family and friends ffilled my time, so stay tuned, readers, because pictures are coming!

::deep breath:: It's good to be back, readers. I've missed you!

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