chemistry celebration!!

**UPDATE** As of today {Wed}, Clark and I went back to Mickey D's and got a frappe. Imma gonna get used to these weekly Frappe runs... ;)

If you've been a frequent reader on ye ol' blog, you've probably surmised that chemistry & I are mortal enemies. Like, for serious. You can imagine my growing anticipation when I was completing the last module {plus a test that I somehow failed to complete}, and that final sense of accomplishment was all I needed to finish strong. Mama and Dad never pressured me into thinking I had to get a certain grade, and quite frankly I didn't care what I got, especially since it was a honors course {gasp!} and I could bump it up a grade by calling it a regular course. And, since you're dying to know, I got a B which translates into an A!! ::squeal::

Like any good student, I chucked gently arranged the textbook/notebook in the cabinet and immediately made plans to go get a Frappe from McDonald's, which oddly enough is what we did last year!! {Click HERE to go back in time}

Ohmygoodness, heaven in a cup.

McCafe, I heart you. The people that work there? Not so much, but I'm always happy when I have you in my hands. Cheesy, I know, but these things are so.good. Just saying.

I was also able to catch up on some blogs AND write the bajillion blog posts that needed to be backtracked. It made me feel so professional to sit with a coffee {flavored} drink and write out blog post. So, I took a picture of the set up. I mean, duh!

{Shout out to Linsday's blog. Holla!}

Happy Tuesday, readers!

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