rainy days

Alternately titled: The post in which I write a poem that doesn't rhmye and is enclosed in parenthesis. {am i the only one who doesn't get those kind of poems? yes? okay then, moving on...}
{things are wet}
 {like, really wet. totally, unbelievably wet.}
 {water is puddled everywhere. on the patio...}
{...and overflowing the buckets we have since our gutters are toast.}
{the road is flooded, too.}
 {we lost a couple limbs, but that's okay. one less dead one to fall on us when we swing!}
 {and, in case you haven't heard, things are wet.}
{so wet i couldn't help up take pictures of the rain drops falling off the flowers}

{i also couldn't help but take a picture of my wet footprints. p.s. my feet are not that big, but my arch is pretty much that high. makes for lovely shoe shopping trips!}
So, I'm thinking I don't have a career as a poem writer...or whatever you call them. Blog inspiration is running low and I'm desperate for topics. Comments are welcome, not to mention encouragement for me!

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