happy b-day, andrew!

(picture taken today, Sept. 13th @ Sonic)
Today is Andrew's 13th birthday, so I thought I'd give him a shout out: Here's to a great and Godly young man that you are, Andrew!
For a little fun, we decided to pick up Emily and Andrew, meet up with some of our friends, and hit up Sonic's Happy Hour like nobody's business. We all had way too much fun playing on the playground (i refuse anyone who thinks you're too old for a playground. not so!), eating tater tots, sipping Dr. Peppers, and laughing at all the funny things the guys were saying. Pictures are below, so be a dear and look at them, why don't you? :)
Burton (one of the friends who met us there), Clark, and the birthday boy himself stopped to pose for me, then went off and did their own thing.
 I have a feeling all that sugar prompted this picture...
While I was taking pictures, Emily stopped and took one of me. I rather like it; thanks Em!

 One of Emmylou...

 I love these things. No idea why, but they are fun!
 Emily and I both decided these swing bridges scare us. We just about fell off, and I'm pretty sure it was almost touching the ground.

 Like I said, we had way too much fun on the slides. Need photo proof? Look below!

 Um, no words. I can't even begin to say just how hard we laughed when we looked at these on the camera.
There Emily went taking another one of me...

 Another shot of the guys. I'm glad they're all friends.
 Ah, the magic red button. You bring me tater tots...and happiness, and I love you.
 Yummy! It's making me crave some right now. No trip to Sonic would be complete without a small tater tot, and now that they're only a dollar, it's dangerous for me to go there.

 Also? Happy hour rocks. I love getting a medium Dr. Pepper for half price...

 And my artistic shot for the day to end it all. Thanks for the fun afternoon, guys!


  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew!!

    That looks like *way* too much fun! And the pictures of the tater tots are making me hungry. Seriously, now I'm craving some good Sonic food! LOL! ;D

  2. Thanks for posting about our afternoon, Sarah-Anne! I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and I'm so glad you were able to take some pictures of Andrew's birthday. If it okay with you, could I use some of these pictures to save for a scrapbook? I also would love to see some of the pictures you took at his party too. I didn't get a lot of good ones and I also couldn't take any pictures of his birthday because my camera battery was dead. I just want him to remember his 13th birthday. :-)