labor day 2010

A couple years back, Dad decided to get all his side of the family together, and it stuck. Memories like beaning Garrison in kickball, along with my most recent achievement of whacking Clark with a foul ball this weekend, and many more. For all the family reading this... Thanks for making the effort to come out here, bringing so much good food, and sending off summer with a bang. We're on for next year, right? :)
Aunt Vicki flashing the peace sign. I laugh every. single. time. I look at it!
 Funny, seeing how I got a picture of Aurora's dress, but not her in person. Oh well, if you think the dress was pretty, take my word that the person wearing it was gorgeous!
I took plenty of pictures of the boys playing sports, but not much else. And, for the record, I really don't know what Clark is doing here...

While we waited for everyone to get here, we sat and talked under the patio. 
Aunt Ann Marie and her husband, Tyler...

I love this picture. LOVE.

No outdoor post would be complete without slide pictures, you know?

Click on the picture to see what Clark's face looks like. Only Clark could pull of that face, actually, and it's a doozy.

Stephanie chillin' on the float, being pulled around by Quinn. Nice glasses, Steph! 
Alex, Aurora, Quinn and Stephanie dicussing...something. :)
After we ate all the delicious food everyone pitched in to make, the annual kickball game ensued, but that's part 2 of this series. Look out for it later this week, everyone!

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