labor day 2010: the kickball game

Ah, the annual family kickball game. Good times! I've had a history of being picked last in all the games, so I wasn't expecting me to be first choice (um, too late. uncle tyler, uncle jp, aunt ann marie and hunter are always the ppl the captains want.), so imagine my delight when Garrison said that I was apparently on his team...
The set-up. We opted for the field this time, instead of the side yard where we were surrounded by ditches. Smart move, guys! 

 Click the picture...click it now! Brock's stance = hilarious.

 Quinn, Mr. Jim, and Gran Jan had a great view up on the tree fort...

Hey now, that's a catch! Also? Notice the black feet; mine were even worse.

The smiles in the following pictures are priceless, ya'll.

Dad, the greatest pitcher ever, who still managed to get beaned twice, even though he wasn't on a team. Ball magnet, I tell you.

 The one, and only, picture of me you'll see running. Why? 'Cause I run like a girl. A really prissy, snobbish girl, which I'm not. Moving on!

 Go Steph!
 Say nothing about my protruding shoulder bones, okay? Instead, focus on Quinn's running stance, please...
And that was the end of me. I promptly zoned out of it, complete with red, drippy nose. It was all I could do to not fall down on the ground and sleep for a long, long time.
Anyways, thanks for all the memories, guys! :)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love the pictures. =)