cousin love: take two

Why yes, I am that girl who posts about get-together two weeks after they happen, but you've got to understand...these pictures can't sit in a lonely old blogger draft, uploaded and all ready to go, so I'm here now, hitting the publish button to free them. 
Brock says "Look, Mom! No hands..."

And, of course, we had to have one of them stabbing each other. Boys will be boys!
All the cousins, together at last.
Haha, Alex's pose cracks me up. I wonder what she was trying to illustrate...

Dude, that is so Christmas card material, wouldn't you agree?
And, to round it all off, one running shot. I promise I don't have one leg, but it sure looks like it, right?
Okay, so I wasn't worried about the pictures. To be honest, I'm in a blogging funk. I've had a couple, and they're no fun, but what can you do? With no major things happening, days where schoolwork is worked on until supper, it's hard to think of fun, interesting things to post. So, what would you like to see? I need some input, readers, and that's what the comments are for. :) Leave one and you'll be my bestest friend forever.

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