wol camp '12: the trip down

CAMP. It's a paradox...there are so many words to describe it, but then again there are none. It was just THAT amazing. And apparently, it was so amazing I took nearly 500 pictures of our adventures. I love my readers (and their eyeballs) so much that I decided to break things up. You're welcome...or maybe not since my blog is about to be taken over by camp pictures. 


The memories started bright and early on Thursday morning. We pulled out of Landmark insanely excited and it only grew as the hours spent IN the van was greater than the time outside of it. Part of the reason our van was crowned the party van was because Dad was our driver. Yep, that's right, my dad went to camp with us. He quickly became one of us and I loved watching my friends laugh and joke with him...I have such a cool dad.

Waiting around the parking lot, ready to go!

Lauren and Erika chilling. We were tired, yo.

Azzie, however, was as bright eyed and bushy tailed like always.

Three of those things are mine. Guess which three.

How in the world were these girls so beautiful at 8AM?!

My trip essentials: water cup, iPod, and Kindle.

Yep, Kaley's face says it all...let's go already!

Finally, we're off! MK's face says it all: we were so excited to pull out of the parking lot.

We had issues with our trailer (the whole first day of driving we swayed...those of us that sat in the back had to brace themselves quite a few times) and stopped at a gas station where we saw this guy...we thought he was dead, no lie. Turns out he was just lazy.)

We entertained ourselves until we stopped for lunch with iPods, Mad Libs, and drawing.

We have a history of making the same faces in pictures. Hah.


Jack is talented. Like, really talented. This was his drawing of a lighthouse I watched from start to finish.

Lunch time! As soon as we crossed over into SC, we took a break to get some grub. It was so hot but we found shade and stuffed our faces with sandwiches the moms made and applesauce. Yum.

My wonderful Daddio got me a Dr. Pepper.
It was VERY hot when we got back in the van and Jack came to the rescue with a frozen Dr. Pepper bottle full of water. Lots of laughs ensued when we passed it around trying not to die of heat stroke.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly, with lots of pictures and cat naps (yes, sleep...we all stayed up way too late packing the night before!), rest stops taken advantage of, soda consumed (and subsequent sugar highs reached, and fishtails braided. I will never forget this trip and all the memories I made.

Fill 'er up! We stopped for gas no less than a million times. Not an exaggeration.

Dad & I during a pit stop (photo by Jack).
Lots of smiles and laughter took place, along deep conversations & life pondering. Yay for Miss Brenda sitting in the back with me, Jack, and Kaley and imparting on us her great wisdom!

Gorgeous Catherine
Something I had never done before: held my breath going while going over a bridge. I have to brag and say I held it the whole time we crossed some river in GA. Heck yes I'm awesome, thanks.

Pit stop in GA!

Erika modeling the extra Coke the machine spit out at him.

Beautiful Lauren.

Jack and his beloved Reese's Pieces.

Bracelets were a big thing at camp...Bekah won with like 15 or so on both arms.

I was in heaven with lots of long hair to braid!

Almost to our stop for the night: Orange Park, FL!

We arrived at the hotel around 7:45 that night and all went our seperate ways for dinner...Dad and I hightailed it to Chipotle. OHMYWORD YUM.

Back to the hotel we went for a little midnight (OK, 10 o'clock) swim, showers, and that thing called sleep...I roomed with Gracie & Miss Brenda. I absolutely LOVED IT! We had a great dicussion on love and how to approach it with 1 Corinthians 13 in mind.

Up and at 'em, bright and early Friday morning! Whoo boy was it easy to spring up out of bed and go downstairs for some grub when we knew, in just a few short hours, we'd be at WOL Camp!
See, we were EXCITED!
VERY excited.


Goodbye La Quinta, hellooo cabins!

We kicked back our feet and settled for a looong ride.
Woody kept us company.

We had to channel our energy somehow so we braided more hair DUH!

Pretty Grace.

The last picture I took before we crossed through the gates of the campus.
Up next, TI Saturday!


  1. I am spamming your blog with comments... MWAHAHA!!!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!!! Long car rides with friends are the best :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love the pictures. :D