i'm baaack {a sneaky peek at WOL Camp 2012}

I'm back, guys! We rolled into the Landmark parking lot less than 12 hours ago, back with a full memory card and suitcase filled to the brim with dirty, sandy, sweaty clothes. I seem to have left my voice in Florida, and I appreciate my mom's homecooked food infinitely more after a week of living on of applesauce and PB sandwiches since camp food and I aren't on speaking terms. So many friendships strengthened, and many were started. Lots of late night talks with our counselors, goofing off,  and singing took place. And didja know Florida is overrun with fire ants? Yep, found that one out when my leg swelled up to twice it's size on the second day.

You know what's also full? My heart...it's filled with all this knowledge about God, which I'll hopefully share along with about 200 more pictures, give or take a few. But for now, here's a little glimpse into our 10 journey down to the Sunshine State and back...

Waiting to load up and head out.

Well thanks van, we did enjoy blowing out the speakers and turning our van into the party van!

On the road again!

I wasn't the only photographer.

Something I may or may not have mentioned...Dad was a driver this year and stayed for the whole week. Go  Dad!


Checking in...the dreaded lice check was first.

We spent the rest of Friday settling into our cabin...we were in the same cabin as last year, just on the other side. Craziness!

Woke up bright and early on Saturday to go to Newport Richey for TI.

I loved cheering on my insanely talented friends!

Opening night game...you might say we get a little into it (our team was blue this year).
Every morning Rachie & I would go outside before anyone else and wait to go to breakfast...this was looking in the direction of the dining hall.

We are girls. Therefore, there were shoes. Everywhere. We had to re-organize them every morning.
We had meetings every morning and night with some amazing speakers...yay Ric Garland!
Another speaker...Chris Finchum did a great job as well!
Free time in the afternoons was usually spent talking with Jack or riding bikes around the loop.
Yes, he's mocking me. 
We usually rounded out the night with free time at the basketball courts.

Getting ready for the TI banquet!

All dressed up and looking good!

Waiting outside the GTAC for the awards ceremony (L to R: Morgan, Parker, Adam, Rachel)

So many of our teens placed...I was so proud! 
Campfire night was a great way to end the week.
On the very last night, we did cardboard testimonies. So powerful...God's working in everyone's life!

 Be back soon, dear readers, with lots of words and pictures and general silliness because there was a lot of all of those at camp.


  1. I'm glad you experienced God so much at camp! That's always my favorite part of camp, the fellowship with other teenagers chasing after God and the close fellowship with God! I leave in one week for my camp (:
    God Bless

  2. Girl oh how I love/loved camp!!!!!!!!!!! I miss so much although I just saw you yesterday, but it isn't the same as our late night talks with me and you and Rachel/ pufferfish. Haha. I love you girlie and can't wait till Sunday!!!!!! Ready for the full blog!!!!! Love you angel fishy/ pretty!!!!!!!!!! Love. Goldfish. P. S. I love being a fishy! Fish noise fish noise! Haha

  3. Haha that's ALOT of shoes. :) And I'm glad you had fun. Camps are always my favorite part of the Summer!


  4. Interesting how one pair of shoes is out of place...they wouldn't be a certain beautiful someone's new Tom's would they? ;)
    Amazing week-plus and so blessed that I was able to share it with you my sweet Sarah-Anne.