{almost wordless wednesday} TI Night

One of the highlights of camp is the TI Competetion, and probably if we're being honest, the TI Banquet a couple nights later. It's the perfect excuse to shave your legs (in the sink with basketball shorts under your dress if you're cool like I am) and wear deodorant. OK, that was just me. I forgot the basics of hygiene while I was there, but that's OK because half the camp did as well. Rachel joined me in the rebellion of not showering every day. It was glorious.

But this post wasn't about body odor was it? Nope, it was all about the lack of on TI Night...two-thirds of Tuesday night was dedicated to getting ready, and although I wasn't in TI, I was able to go eat REAL food and get ready with all the other gorgeous girls in my cabin. I was mostly just excited about the longer than 5 minute shower and FOOD the night promised.

Lots of curlers.
There was a lot of this too...not that any of our girls needed it because they were ALL stunning.
Beth curled Kaley's hair with a straightener 5 minutes before we left.
Last minute bow tying...Dani was so OCD about MK's bow. We were all laughing so hard because it took several minutes to get it just right.

OHMYWORD ERIKA. Stop being so pretty right now. 
Veronica, Lauren, and Catherine.
 Once we were all ready, we escaped the cloud of hairspray and went outside to breathe fresh air take pictures of all the beautiful Landmark girls.

Me and my super amazing and talent and gorgeous best friend Rachie.

Erika & I... the two tannest girls. Booyah.

Lauren & I

Oh look it's that girl they call SA. I like her hair...Rachel worked hard on it for her. She says thanks Rachie!
Just look at the two girls on the right. Goofballs.

THIS. This picture right here...so much pretty! I can't handle it! I had to share it twice.

After the group picture, we stood around the dining hall, waiting for the doors to open and praying the thunderstorm rolling in would hold off...it did, and I snapped a bunch of pictures because the lighting was so pretty. Florida thunderstorms for the win!

My extremely handsome date & I. 

Beautiful Miss Grace.


Annagrace, Mikeala, and Maragret Katherine.

The younger girls cabin (L to R: Jana, Grace, Bekah, Erika, Grace, and their counsolers.

Brother and sister...Emily & Andrew.

Kaley and I

Yep, I love this girl LOTS.

Brotherly love...Matthias and Micah.

Gracie and her big brother.


Kelly and Bethany

Who knows what camera we were looking at...everyone wanted a picture of us. 

Pretty Gracie.
The decorations were great.

 After we had filled our stomachs with some ridiculously GOOD camp food, we ran to the GTAC. In the middle of a thunderstorm. And stood outside for about an hour waiting for the awards ceremony to start, goofing off. We were kinda asking to get struck by lightening, but I occupied ourselves with taking pictures of 3 out of the 4 Boland kids. I mean seriously, why in the world are they so attractive?!

Hannah, Jack, and Grace

Poor Grace got left out of the memo that "do a silly face!" meant "be gangster."

I love these two so much. 

Kaley and Hannah

Into the GTAC we go!

They transformed it into a pretty sweet place to hand out awards...much better than last year.

Some of the presenters.


Some of the leaders...all of them were so great & helpful during everything to do with TI.

a group picture of all the TI teens.

So many of our teens placed and I am proud of EVERY single one of them...we have so many talented guys & girls in our youth group and they all use their talents to shine for God. Go LBC! 

Happy Wednesday readers.


  1. That looks like SOOOO much fun! All you girls look so gorgeous :-). Love how the dresses are modest yet fashionable (just had to note :))!

  2. Dang fishy these are so great, I swear you were the most beautiful one there!!!! I had so much fun with you and can't wait to see you! I love you pretty/ angelfish!!!??? P. S. I love you fishy, and I can't believe you got that pic of rich Andrews me and matthias!! Love goldfish!!

  3. You and me both margie.
    Isnt she gorgeous?

  4. Looks like fun! You and all your friends look so pretty. Love your hair. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  5. So much fun! Great pictures, SA. ;)


    *breathe Emily*...

    OK, so you're super pretty, and I'm so jealous of you and your awesome banquet.