happy birthday big brother!

The most recent picture I have of him because I haven't seen him IN A MONTH. Tragic, I know.

He's my adopted brother, the big brother I always wanted. He's family to me because only my family can make me snort and Sam succeeds in doing that. In addition to making me choke on air, he draws insanely good with a talent that doesn't come from a teacher but a natural talent. He finds bracelets in the bathrooms of Barnes and Nobles and is always willing to text me late into the night. Arizona tea is an addiction to you. I'll never forget the time I asked you if you switched between contacts and glasses every time you went back to your cabin and you said yes and I laughed thinking you were joking. You weren't...that's just the kind of person you are.

Happy birthday big brother...I hope it's not too mushy to say I love you 'cause I do. You're the best big brother a girl could have and I'm sure you actual family agree! 

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