scenes from the weekend

Lots of stealing sips of Dr. Pepper from Sam's 64 oz cup.

Sam, Mr. Brock, and JB surprised us by chopping up the logs from the oak tree that had been sitting in our yard since the hurricane. They are such manly men. 

Sweet Lydia. I love this child.

This is my brother. HOW ARE WE EVEN RELATED?! I mean really. He's just so cool.

WOL Lesson entitled Stupid Cupid. Great stuff.

Sonic for ACTS...it was golden hour. LOVE.

Conner captured my feelings about the night too.

Enjoying a cold drink on a humid summer night. 

All the pictures were taken on Sunday...the Bolands/Harris' came out to swim then we had ACTS after WOL that night. Not pictured? Army green toenails. Finishing Divergent (READ IT) & starting Insurgent. Midnight thunderstorms of epic proportions. FOOD. Sleep. Basically all my favorite things were combined this weekend.

I hope my readers had half as fun as I did this weekend.

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  1. it's really nice what you said about your brother! i'm so sick of hearing people bring down their sibs...good on you! looks like you had so much fun!