happy birthday rachel!

Yes, you've seen this picture before. 
This girl. Not only is she hilarious, gorgeous, hilarious, deep, and hilarious (did I mention that already?), but we like SO alike. Like, same thought trains & unpopular opinions, same outlooks on life and growing up, etc. What's really cool is we'll hear someone say a word and burst out into the exact same line of the song it reminded us of. I get her references, and she gets my totally off the wall ones. We have a little club, the fishies club, we were the first ones ready almost every day and spent our extra time out on the bench looking for our boys, and she has the most amazing voice hands down. We're currently writing an album dedicated to the GTAC bathrooms and it will feature her and her ukulele.

But we didn't always know each other this well. I honestly didn't know her at all before we walked in the doors of our cabin. She and I were bunkmates and instantly we struck up a deal: I could sit on her bed and not have to sit on the floor with all the frogs (yes, frogs) and I didn't even need to ask. She's great like that. Then, throughout the week, we grew close and haven't looked back since...she's my best friend now!

So happy birthday, Rachie! I love you!


  1. Pretty, thank you *so* much for this wonderful post. You are an incredible best friend, and I am very grateful that we are so close. I love you! :-)

    1. And also, I mentioned our fishies in this. Hehe. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4289462751819