wol camp '12: TI Saturday

Even though we were all dead to the world, we woke up at sometime that had a 6 as the first number, put on our Sunday best, and trudged over to the GTAC to take a short bus ride to Newport Richey. Why? Because it was International Teens Involved day! I wasn't a part of it, but I was a self-appointed cheerleader and spent the day running to different events being a little too loud with my cheering but dang it I am so proud of my talented friends!

Waiting around for the events to begin because wouldn't you know we got there early so we could stand around the freezing building!

Laughter (Lauren & Erika)

Best friends for years (Kaley & I)

 Yes, this is a whole photoset on these two. Because DUH I love them that much.


Good grief why is this girl so PRETTY (Rachie)?!

Some other non-TI peeps...Catherine & Emily.

Emily, Catherine, Veronica, and Bekah.

One of our beautiful counselors: Kacky (short for Catherine...we had two in one cabin and someone had to be nicknamed!)
 The church that hosted TI was a mega church...I'd never been to a church that big. They had maps of it, for pete's sake. In our spare time we studied them.

Lauren, Erika, and Emily.

Quick break in between events. Even though the tile was COLD we didn't have any other place to sit so we parked it in the middle of the hallway.
 Lots of instrumental events took place...it made me want to play piano again.


 Lunchtime! Plenty of caffeine to keep us going because DUDE 6 o'clock is early. At least, I remember it's early...I haven't been up that early since camp. 

Quick break from mac & cheese for a picture with my love, Hannah.

After lunch we spent the day listening to all of our amazing singers...first up, our praise band!

L to R: Rachel, Parker, Luke, Conner, Kelley and Matthias is hiding.

 Parker and Rachie!


Conner...he won 1st place! 



 In between solos, Trey was a photographer...the following three pictures were taken by him with help from Jack.

Miss Leigh


The other Mister Tom.

The little stinker himself.

 Hannah and I goofed off for Jack while we waited for the sister's duo (which was the very last TI event!)


Up next? The typical day at camp, now that all the special event posts are over.

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