let the games begin!

photo from my Tumblr

Here's to the Olympics, because let's face it: America is great and we will beast these games. Also: summer TV is boring and Michael Phelps & the rest of Team USA provides lots of entertainment. Amen? Amen.

Happy Friday readers! Join me in cheering on good ol' America for the next several days, mkay?


  1. yay for the olympic games! the opening cermenoy was spectacular wasn't it?!
    nope sorry, Australia is greater and we will be winning everything!!!!

  2. Sorryyyy.... Australia is way better :P Our team uniform was a lot nicer :D Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

  3. YAY for the Olympics!!! We don't have cable, so I have to run down to my grandma and grandpas house to watch it! Haha! The gymnastics is definitely my favorite! Holly and Hannah Louise might not be cheering for the USA, but I'm with ya!!! ;)