the cuz weekend {6.6-6.9.13}

In the midst of all the graduation festivites, Brock came to stay with us for a few days that weekend. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard or that much as I did that weekend. You get him & Clark together and they just bounce off one another, keeping me rolling on the floor. Literally. I fell out of the gaming chair they picked up at some random yard sale one Saturday afternoon up in Fuquay. We're not even sure Clark gave the money to the actual yard sale people or not. Those are the kind of adventures our family has, the kind of things that make us as close as we are. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So yeah, graduation weekend was pretty dang awesome, and it wasn't even MY graduation. I managed to take a few pictures inbetween laughter-crying of this two best buds in action.

The most awesome ginger in the world.
We shoot squirrels in our spare time. Don't judge us.
There was TONS of Xbox. 
And even more Dr. Pepper to fuel their Call of Duty playing.

Chillin' after capturing baby bunnies.
Good grief, I love family weekends.

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