graduations {6.2, 6.7, 6.8.13}

It's graduation weekend for SO many of my friends, and while I'm crying myself to sleep at night cause they're leaving me, I'm also crying cause I'm just so proud of them and all they've accomplished.

And end SA's sappy love-fest about her graduating friends.


The first graduation ceremony was at LBC on Sunday, where I watched Rachie and Tanner graduate. 

They are so proud of him. 
Lunch out with the Cobles and I left feeling like part of the family. 


We kicked off the real graduation weekend with Veronica's going to STC/birthday/graduation party. Even though I had a test the next morning, I totally ate my weight in Nutella & strawberries, along with hitting some people upside the head with balloons.

Confetti bombs.

Caught ya Conner.

Basically how we all ended up.

After the ACT, I zoomed over to Unity for the HOME graduation ceremony, where my childhood bestie, my Kaley-girl, was graduating. Mom & I made it just in time and I was SO glad I didn't miss Kaley's speech since she went first.

Me & the grad...I wore purple just for her.

Kaley's grad table...Ohmyword I was so honored to be up there.
After the graduation, we went over to Kaley's house for some GOOD food and fellowship with friends. Awesome Saturday afternoon, in my opinion.

photo by Dylan...he's a pretty good photographer if I do say so myself.

The food was so good there wasn't any left.
DESSERT TIME. The monkey cake was PERFECT for Kaley.

Modeling the cake.
After knowing each other for three years, we FINALLY got a picture together.

This girl. And this guy. They are hilarious and pretty much the best siblings ever.
I love Erika Brooke so much I don't care that she hacks my Insta.

This girl. 

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