first swim {6.11.13}

We've had some CRAZY weather this year, and that coupled with the expense of running a pool all year long and a pool liner that is falling apart, we weren't sure we were even going to have a pool anyone, much less swim this summer. I think in worse case scenarios, and not having a pool was putting me on the edge of a breakdown. I NEED TO SWIM. Water baby, forever and always. 

Dad & Clark put in so much hard work (and chemicals), and after several weeks, it was finally ready to use. And I was so excited, I couldn't stand it. So, one hot afternoon in June, we all jumped in. And it was glorious and it felt like summer had really, truly started.

Blowing up the floats with the air compressor.
I was waiting for one to blow up the whole time.
These are the perfect towels. PERFECT. Big and soft and LONG. 

Testing the waters.

Traditional cannonball in. 

Love them both SO much. 
Kinda in love with this shot. The ombre water gets me.

I don't mind laying out either.
 I cannot WAIT for pool days, all day every day.

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