beach day with Kaley-girl {6.17.13}

One afternoon Kaley's parents show up on their motorcycle asking about a possible beach day for both our families. Not everyone was available, but Kaley & I were, so on Father's Day (after we spent time with our dads, duh) I spent the night at her house and we stayed up until 2AM watching Doctor Who and eating. Summary of our friendship right there.

We may or may not have watched it illegally. Shhh...
And that wasn't the best part...getting up 5 hours later to go down to Atlantic Beach for the day was so worth it. The beach is my happy place & I know just about every teenage girl says that but it's MY happy place.

Waking up to my best friends face...Can I please do that every day?

Bojangles & VBS dramas kept us busy on the way there.

Cleaning our cameras BEFORE we took them out on the beach.
Smartest thing to do? Maybe not.

New Bern means water which means we're getting close.

I see the sound!
Loading up.
We're here!

We set up immediately & I totally fell asleep for a good hour. Late nights with the bestie can do that for ya.
photo from Kaley.

photos by Kaley.

also, hello awkward arm extended picture.
photo from Kaley, taken by me.
Besties in the ocean. Life couldn't be any better than that.
photo from Kaley, taken by her mom.

Best friends break each other's backs when they jump on them.
photo from Kaley, taken by her mom.

Kaley's turn to hold the camera.
photo by Kaley.
Love my little photographer! 

Writing love notes.

Beach selfies cause I felt like it. NO REGRETS.

Just one more beach bestie selfie.
Until next beach day...

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  1. Looks like fun! :) We're planning on going to the beach later this year...I'm looking forward to it. :) Your swimsuit is so cute! I love it!

    God bless you and have an awesome day!
    Joy :)