stormy days {6.13.13}

 1} Storms always seem to roll up when we try to leave for WOL.
2} Tropical Storm Andrea was responsible for me being driven to work. Thanks.
3} The beginning of the IG infamous storm.
4} The only light leaking in from the aftermath.

Most people don't like thunderstorms. I've even been in the path of one terrified little dog who ran around the house and got it's head stuck in the treat box.

But that's another (funny) story for another time. We're talking about my #1 summer love: thunderstorms. The rumble of thunder, the flash of lightening...nothing else like it. Sure, it scares me because guys this is God at work and we all know what storms can do (thinking about you, Oklahoma). But that's what I love about them...they are so powerful and beautiful all at the same time.

We've gotten to the point in the summer where there's always a chance of an afternoon shower turned thunderstorm, and I've in heaven. If you need me, I'll be curled up with a book in front of my window, watching the rain pound the metal roof.

What about you, readers? Yay or nay on thunderstorms?

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