mudcats game {6.11.13}

Way back, Dad got a GREAT deal on some Mudcats tickets on Groupon, good for any weekday game. Since we didn't get to go to our traditional ECU Spring Break baseball game (sad story...none of our Spring Breaks were the same), we figured this would make up for it. And oh boy, it did.

Summer storms had cancelled the game the day before, so it ended up beinga double-header the night we went. We got there right around the end of the first game and hung around until the second game started AND we got to watch the whole game, even though it was shortened. Conner came along with us since we had an extra ticket, and it was just a great evening.

The view...we had some pretty awesome seats.

Hanging with the boys...and yes, we all wore gray on purpose.
We got there at golden hour and it was SO DANG PRETTY.

The players picked songs to play as they went up to bat, and there were so great.
The music at this stadium was pretty great in general.

This little cuties got to run out on the field with the players and I just about cried cause they were so precious.

No metal bleachers at this stadium. Yes.

Just chillin'.

 We OBVIOUSLY didn't eat heathly that night. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.
Darn you $1 hot dog night.

He's giving me that look. HE REALLY DOES LOVE ME! 

So pretty. Clark and Dad went to the top of the stadium and this was the view.
We saw this and screamed "Take a picture for Kaley!" at the same time.

And I thought it was pretty during the day.  Night baseball games are the best.
Have some baseball lights bokeh, readers.

 Man, I love going to baseball games.

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