scenes from the weekend

Pirate themed birthday party...getting paid to do something I love feels wrong! 

Running errands in a brand spanking new truck a friend let us borrow.


Chocolate Chip Frappe's from McDonalds. Crazy good!

Driving practice...hopefully I can get over to the DMV and have my license by this time next Tuesday!

I actually felt pretty when I got ready for church, so I took a picture to remember it.

Not pictured? A new haircut (ok, trim). Staying up late. Thus, sleep (I swear I don't sleep the whole weekend away...I'm just ready to sleep past 8 by the time the weekend rolls around). Introducing Clark to She's the Man. It just gets funnier every single time. Talking to my boy. Church at Landmark & sitting with Rachie. Seeing Hannah (she's back from STC along with all my other friends!), Lydia, and Miss Melanie. Picking up lunch at Subway. Visiting Gran Jan (she fell on Saturday and has been recovering...prayers are appreciated as she's in some pain). Playing a game with Dad, Clark, and Aunt Ann Marie. Wearing a new shirt to youth group.

So how was your weekend readers?


  1. WAAAAA!!!!!!!! This looks like so much fun!!! I love those pictures of you... You're so pretty!!!


  2. Do you realize why puffer fish and I have given you the nickname pretty now haha. Your gorgeous and I know many people who would agree.