scenes from the weekend

Yearbook meeting.

I love this family, you guys.
Kaley's river house.

Lotsa cameras clicking.

SWIMMING. Micheal Phelps I am not...I am like a beached whale. In the water.

Friendship bracelets FTW! I braid them at night to help me relax because DUDE. The repetitiveness of tying knots is soothing. I'm strange I know.
Not pictured? A complete weekend off. SLEEP (like always). Mowing. Working on CBS papers (it's that time again...only 3 more weeks until it starts). Spending the night at Rachel's. Swooning over our men. Reliving camp by uploading pictures and looking through others captures. Watching She's the Man and Batman Begins. Eating LOTS of pizza. Car rides with friends. WOL meetings where God speaks and moves and is the awesome God He is.

How was YOUR weekend? I hope it was filled with everything mine was...or maybe just the things you enjoy.


  1. Hey, don't I get credit for the friendship bracelet thread picture?!?! I learned from you, so it should look like one of yours :)
    BTW, thanks for mine!

    1. hehehe, and credit you shall get. GUISE MAH DADDIO TOOK THAT THREAD PICTURE MKAY?! there. is that good?
      you are quite welcome!

    2. Thanks for the props sweetie!

  2. You finally watched batman begins, yes!
    Oh and dont make a habit of hugging poles ;)

    1. in fact I did! it was great. and I have Dark Knight waiting for me to watch too. yessss.
      I was apologizing to it for running into it's cousin down at camp and hurting it. Therefore, it needed a hug.

    2. oh my goodness:) only you, Sarah-Anne, only you.*sigh* i guess thats why i love you SO much!Glad to hear you had a nice weekened. where can i get one of those? JK

    3. oh gracie girl you can get one of those when we are together again...hoping that it is soon because i miss your beautiful face so much!