army green {outfit post}

{Tank top} Target {Cardi} Hand-me-down {Shorts} Mom's closet {Belt} Hand-me-down {Necklace} Shine Project {Watch) Target {Ring} Etsy {Anklet} Made by moi {Shoes} Toms
 Maybe it's because I've been trying in vain to finally finish Captain America on Instant Netflix, the fact that it's so humid you feel soaking wet when you step outside and I wanted to wear the loosest pants in the house I could find, or just because my OCD tendencies came out & I had to match my outfit to my nail polish, but I really love this outfit. Yay for summertime outfits that encourage less sweating & still look good! Bee tee dubs, I got losta comments on this outfit too. It's filed in the outfit hall of fame, DUH.

And just for kicks, some outtakes Clark managed to capture in the 3 minutes we were outside in the heat. I don't know how he got some funny pictures...everyone knows I'm the most serious person ever. SARCASM.

I made a face at my neighbor. He started to accelerate quicker after he saw me.

"This? This is a pole, Clark. I've never seen one before!" - my exact words
Happy Friday readers. Go put on some airy, army green shorts (okay, just any baggy pants) and hug a pole. It's great fun.


  1. Lol! That last picture cracked me up. XD Love the outfit! Especially the flowy vest/jacket. :)

    Oh, please finish Captain America. It's amazing. :D

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  2. wow you are like sooo beautiful! i really really want your skin tone! haha i'm like forever trying to tan..-_- :P

    gorgeous outfit!! and i'm really loving your posts!! :D

  3. lovely casual airy outfit, sarah-anne!! looks really nice on you :)

  4. I guess its unanimous, youre amazing.