almost wordless wednesday {Twiggy-girl}

I love this kitten you guys. I mean, seriously. Could she BE any cuter?! Any more adorable with her sighs (yes, she sighs) and her little well-fed, caramel-colored spotted belly she absolutely loves you to rub?! Methinks not. I had to take a couple pictures of her being cute like she always is last night because she's growing right before our eyes.

REALLY?! She is so cute she makes me want to squeeze the life outta her hugging her. 

Those golden eyes!

She's a handful, don't get me wrong: she is a handful. From flicking half her litter out everytime she stinks up the whole house (AKA five times a day) and literally being an ankle biter (she and I have talks about how biting isn't nice. She looks at me blankly as she's got my stuffed animals in her mouth), Twig's got losta energy.

Sniffing mah stanky feets.

She differs from our other pets greatly (I miss them, guys. Been thinking about sweet Bullet and Butter a lot lately) because she's independent and doesn't like to be held unless she's sleepy. But when she picks YOU to fall asleep on after a long evening of eating all the food in sight and running laps around the downstairs, it's all worth it.

Whether all of us admit it or not (ahem DADDIO), we love your furry face Twig!

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