goodbye summer.

Alternately titled: scenes from last weekend.

Kaley-girl, one of my friends from forever ago that has stayed friends with me even though I've gotten weirder every year, had a end of summer bash last Saturday. OF COURSE I had to work, but thankfully was able to scoot out earlier then scheduled and got to the Elks' river house about halfway through. I didn't swim in the murky waters but snapped pictures and encouraged people to pee in it because that's what the fish do. Yes, I am so weird...like I said, I don't know how Kaley has put up with me all these years.

Let us ponder what Clark is doing/thinking...and how everyone else is acting normal.
Can I just take a mo (I like to pretend I'm British sometimes OK?!) and look at Clark's face...he loves Jack. And Jack loves my little brother. He calls him a little Indian and always asks about him. HE'S WRITTEN HIM LETTERS, YA'LL. My heart is so happy because they are such good friends. 
Two of the most attractive boys I know.

Mother watched Clark


She gets anything she wants because she is so dang cute and everyone is under a Lydia spell. Truth.
I mean seriously. She is the best two year old ever.

Plenty of people stayed outta the waters with me so we got pictures together. I am so awkward in front of a camera guys. So sorry.

Laughter (Annagrace, Hannah, and MK)

Veronica and I (my face guys. sorry again.)

Kelly & Annagrace
3 pictures with this gorgeous girl because I love her that much.

Conner's creeping in the background. Goofball.

Gah, she is so pretty you guys!
Then it was Gracie's turn. She and I have become SO close over the summer and I am so thankful for that! She is wise beyond her 13 years and encourages me to just giggle like a normal girl...Grace is the ultimate giggler and I end up snorting at her which makes her giggle harder and me end up snorting so hard I choke.

Tradition at the river house...hosing down and soaping up a couple floats and sliding off the dock. Lots of "DO IT DOITDOITDOIT!" followed. Peer pressure ya'll. Oh, and as Jack would say "Stupid people do stupid things."

He tries to find the most dangerous thing possible to scare the crap out of me.

Taking a float or two with him.

The onlookers. THEIR FACES THOUGH.

Grace did it!
Time to eat!

Good eats. I had CFA before I came but totally ate a burger.
Quick sprint to go take pictures of the ducks that Clark scared off after two pictures.

Then we all sat around with full bellies and people took pictures of me.

Dare I touch it? (For the record, I did)

New favorite picture of these two. I don't even know what's going on.

Yep. This is basically us.
My skeptical "what are you even going to focus on?" face and his regular handsome Jack face (with a real smile!)
He mocks me.
Rachel (Pufferfish) and Veronica (Starfish)
"WHY AM I SO HANDSOME?!" Yeah, it's a question I ask myself.

I can't even. My heart can't stand the cuteness. This was second before she gave him a kiss that turned into a lick.

Not pictured? Everything besides the party at Kaley's river house. Ha. But no really, not pictured: rain. Cleaning. School reading. Work. Going home with Kaley afterwards and jumping her BIL's cousin's car at 9:30 that night. Stalking friends through Kaley's FB. Falling asleep watching the Hunger Games because we were so BEAT (blasephemy, I know). Cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera. Nursery duty. More rain, more school reading. Naps. Jack's hoodie and camp shirts...thus, memories. Great night at youth group.

I hope your weekend was great as well, readers!

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  1. Oh my word, you and your friends are so adorable. I can't even. And you and Jack? Stop it. I can't handle the cuteness :)