STORM was a week ago, and even though it was different than last year's, it was still amazing. The incentive of 40 lbs of ice cream worked, and we had a great turnout considering it was a Sunday night. Kids accepted Christ after a great worship time/message & that made the night ALL worth it.
Some of us didn't have anyone to run and get, so we stayed behind at LBC, helping set up. Mostly we just entertained ourselves and took pictures of each other in between laughing fits. Half the pictures I have documenting that night are blurry because we were laughing THAT hard but the ones that weren't blurry are still so precious to me.
I avoided the volleyball game because balls hate me and always end up hitting me in the face.

Conner sings all my favorite songs. He's so talented.

Still gorgeous.
geez, I love these two SO much.

Surprise of the night: my Boland gang came! I was so happy, and everyone knew it. STORM wouldn't have been the same without them.

Me & my FSIL! <3
Such a gorgeous, Godly young woman who's birthday is in 12 DAYS! She's groowing up so fast ::sniff::

Hehehe. Cutie.

Gotta love him.
Blurry, but I HAD to include it in the post to show the hilariousness of the night.
Kaley girl! <3
We had to copy Sam & Jack. I just added a face.
If you've ever happened to be in the same room as Jack & I, you know we are WEIRD, capital everything just like I typed. Our pictures are nothing less. Enjoy our (silly) faces.

Mocking me. What am I gonna do with him?
I didn't know he was behind me, so that face of digust is not about him. FYI.
After the aforementioned showing off of our super talented praise band and powerful sermon by Mr. Brain, it was finally ICE CREAM TIME ::sings:: Ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake and cake!
Waitin' in line (patiently? maybe not.)


I only ate half, Jack finished it up for me.

Mom joined us & the Bolands, Kaley, Clark  & I all sat around the table doing even MORE laughing.



This is her "Jack, you're annoying me with the camera take the picture already!" face. It's still so pretty.
The Boland's are just really attractive people, OK?!

Caption THIS.
Rachie & Parker came in & we ended the night with more songs.

I love my youth group & our special events, I love my friends & we have a flippin' good time together, I love Jesus & what He does in people's hearts. Gist of this post, readers.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I LOVE THESE PICTURES. You are so freakin adorable.