how the Lyons ring in the last month of the year

By decorating the tree! It's so beautiful, readers! The perfect light to study for finals by. ::stares dreamily into the twinkle lights with Twig:: Because, wouldn't you know, a kitten is FASCINATED with a tree! That's inside! And has things hanging down to bat around!

Good gosh, it's gonna be a looong month.

But a gorgeous one because our tree is the bestest looking tree ever. Here's the saga of our beautiful tree, in case you're interested. If not, stick around for pretty pictures because let's face it, nothing beats a good Christmas tree bokeh picture.


We got the tree on Monday at Food Lion, like we usually do. That's just how we roll, and their trees aren't half bad so we keep going back. Since I have the oldest car, I got the honor (SARCASM) of driving home. In the pitch black darkness only the country roads have. Dad can atest to this: I never went above 45 the whole way home.

The men picked up the tree and strapped it down. Such manly men I live with.

Nothing like the blue lights of a police car in the background to put ya in the Christmas spirit [greenville has horrible traffic so it's not a surprise that there was a wreck at rush hour].

You can see the excitement on my face, can't you?
Everyone has been SO busy we didn't get around to putting the tree up for a couple days, and it took a few more days for the tree branches to drop and it be all ready to decorate.

I wore Christmas socks for the occasion. I'm so cheesy, I know.


What did I tell ya? Twig "helped".
So Merry Christmas, readers! Are YOU ready to spread the word about the real reason for Christmas & break the news that presents and Christmas trees are just a bonus?! Me too! 


  1. So pretty! :D I just love bokeh, too. :)

    Sounds like you guys are in the Christmas mood! :) We love Christmas around here. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  2. Aren't you just the cutest thing ever??? HALLELUJAH for holiday bokeh pictures! Blogs are overflowing with them, and I seriously love yours :)