{almost wordless wednesday} 12 photos on 12/12/12

Just a few (12, to be exact) quick pictures on such a cool day. Yep, I'm a nerd like that. They are far from perfect, unedited in fact (BLASPHEMY, I know), but they capture the typical day in the life of yours truly.

Jesus time. Sometimes I do it at night, sometimes in the morning like I have been doing this week.

STUDYING. Life of a homeschool kid...there's ALWAYS work awaiting you.

Studying with the Christmas lights plugged in. Makes cramming for an exam semi-pleasant.

 Braided bangs for work since they are so.flippin.long.

Long SLOOOWWW day at good ol' CFA.

How my family sees me half the time: PJ's and a wet hair piled on my head. I shower as soon as I get home from work!
Settling in for a House marathon with Mama.

Eating Cheese-nips, texting, and chugging Dr. Pepper. Typical nighttime fare for me.

SO relaxing to come home after a long day and plug in my hipster rope lights.
Percy Jackson is my new love. I can't go to bed without reading a little.
Happy Wednesday, readers! What did you do to celebrate the last repetitive date in our lifetimes?

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  1. I looooove this post!!! All these pictures are SO GOOD! No wonder you're the CFA official photographer ;) And BOO-YAH, I know those Special stickers and time clock papers! Haha! You're the best, and I love that we're both awesome CFA employees. And your hair is so durn pretty. Guuuuurl.