simple woman's daybook for feb. 1st

I'm all about those blog-about-certain-things-on-certain-days-of-the-week things, like Wordless Wednesday and other variations. When Emily posted The Simple Woman's Daybook last week, it occurred to me that I have a blog now and since I do, I can participate in all these fun carnivals that I've been reading all those months as a non-blogger. I'm quick like that.And so concludes my introduction to my first-ever Simple Woman's Daybook. On to the good stuff!
For today...February 1st, 2010. Is it really two months into the new year?
Outside my window...Melted snow that's about to re-freeze tonight. The winter storm definitely lived up to the meteorologists expectations.
I am thinking...that there's only 23 mins. until Chuck comes on. Better hurry up and finish this post!
I am thankful for...the fact that I actually finished all my schoolwork for today. It's a rare occurence when I do finish all the assignments; something usually gets pushed back until there's just no time left to do it.
From the learning rooms...school, school, school! The holidays are over and we're back in the swing of things. And it only took us a month to get back on track.
From the kitchen...All the dishes are cleaned up and brownies with ice cold milk await us for when Chuck is on. Yum!
I am wearing...My flannel brown and pink PCC PJ's. So warm and an added plus: they're flannel! Wait, I already mentioned that. But seriously, I really love me some flannel jammies.
I am creating...This Simple Woman's Daybook post.
I am going...to be home most of the week. I haven't been anywhere since Thurs. and I'm going a little stir crazy with no one except my school books to keep me company.
I am reading...Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz. She's writing about the Book of John this time, which is perfect considering I'm involed in Teen CBS and they're studying, you guessed it! The Book of John! She's one of my favorite authors.
I am hoping...that I have time to do my Wii Fit Plus test before Chuck. That's the one thing that I never got the chance to do!
I am hearing...myself typing. Clickety-clackety.
Around the house...everything's cleaned up. I love a clean house at the end of the day.
One of my favorite things...Chuck! I'm sensing a pattern here. Take a wild guess, why don't you?
A few plans for the rest of the week: Not much. Just CBS, both women's and teen, and baby-sitting. Maybe something on Friday, but I'm not sure.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
(A re-do of the attempted shoe in the snow picture. It was sleeting in my face so I exactly see very well.)
Link up at The Simple Woman's Daybook and grab this picture, then copy and paste the questions and you're good to go!

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