monthly makeover 1

(This was written last Thursday, but I didn't get it approved until today.)
How do you like my new look? I love it; not too Valentine's that it can't be left up for awhile, but the big red bows show that I'm not boycotting the holiday or anything. Read on for the explanation which prompted the background change.
I stumbled across Davene's blog via Meredith's a while back. I quickly added it to our family's bookmark page and checked it every day, especially when the impending arrival of her fourth son, Shav, was due any day.
But before Shav and all the cuteness that he brings the blog, she always had THE cutest backgrounds. That paired with a monthly background change pretty much makes the her blog the best one out there.
And so the idea of a monthly blog "makeover", if you will, popped into my head when I saw her oh-so-pretty Valentine's Day background. Seriously, the way she paired to off white-ish colors with the pictures of her husband, Jeff, is awesome. I'm a real matchy-matchy type person so I love things that pick up colors and stuff like that.
I'm hoping that this post will prompt some comments. Let me know that you read my blog by commenting, and the best part, you don't have to a blog to comment! But even if you do, that doesn't mean don't leave a comment. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!


  1. I love your new blog design! I'm so happy that you designed it all by yourself. Yay! :D

  2. The simple things in life, right? I'm getting ready to start working on links to other blogs. Wish me luck!

  3. Oh, my goodness, Sarah-Anne! You are too kind!! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog; thanks so much for the encouragement about it.

    I really like your new look here, too. :)

  4. Your welcome, Davene! I just wanted you to know how much you inspire me. I meant everything I said, too. Shav is the cutest! :) But the rest of the Fisher clan is just as handsome!