happy valentine's day!!

Happy Valentine's Day, blog readers!!
I definitely struggled with what to write for this post. Do I write something about waiting for my Prince Charming? Or how about my encounter with some guys down at the river that questioned my morals, since, because I don't have a boyfriend or even date for that matter, something must be wrong with me, right? Wrong.
Anyway, you can see I didn't pick any of the above options, simply because I didn't feel that God really wanted me to, at this moment. I felt that He was saying, "Be different. Don't focus on the fact that you have chosen not to date. There are plenty of those 'waiting for Prince Charming' posts, so go with something light, not some deep, theological stuff." So, instead I will leave you with the pretty black and white photo with a verse that really helped by stand firm in my decision not to date...
Song of Songs 3:5
"Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you...Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires."


  1. I'm so proud of the young woman that you are. I'm blessed to call you my bestie. I love you! Great post! :D

  2. awww, that's so sweet em!! thanks for the encouragement.