verse test {6.03.13}


::dun dun dunnn::

The first time I heard that word was when Lindsay Tyndall told me it was the only way I could go to camp my first year. Well, she was right...just not about that year. The Lord provided way back in 2011, and I went to camp a shy little kid amazed at the whole concept of a week away from your home. But Lindsay was right about the other two years...I've taken the verse test and it's the only way I've been able to go to camp. It's a win-win situation: you get scholarship money and/or the price of camp dropped, and you learn tons of God's Word. Can't go wrong. 

So that's why I was up bright & early at church on a Saturday after staying up past midnight (studying for the test, mind you).
My studying methods are strange...

...but hey, they paid off. Booyah. 


beach day with Kaley-girl {6.17.13}

One afternoon Kaley's parents show up on their motorcycle asking about a possible beach day for both our families. Not everyone was available, but Kaley & I were, so on Father's Day (after we spent time with our dads, duh) I spent the night at her house and we stayed up until 2AM watching Doctor Who and eating. Summary of our friendship right there.

We may or may not have watched it illegally. Shhh...
And that wasn't the best part...getting up 5 hours later to go down to Atlantic Beach for the day was so worth it. The beach is my happy place & I know just about every teenage girl says that but it's MY happy place.

Waking up to my best friends face...Can I please do that every day?

Bojangles & VBS dramas kept us busy on the way there.

Cleaning our cameras BEFORE we took them out on the beach.
Smartest thing to do? Maybe not.

New Bern means water which means we're getting close.

I see the sound!
Loading up.
We're here!

We set up immediately & I totally fell asleep for a good hour. Late nights with the bestie can do that for ya.
photo from Kaley.

photos by Kaley.

also, hello awkward arm extended picture.
photo from Kaley, taken by me.
Besties in the ocean. Life couldn't be any better than that.
photo from Kaley, taken by her mom.

Best friends break each other's backs when they jump on them.
photo from Kaley, taken by her mom.

Kaley's turn to hold the camera.
photo by Kaley.
Love my little photographer! 

Writing love notes.

Beach selfies cause I felt like it. NO REGRETS.

Just one more beach bestie selfie.
Until next beach day...


saturday down at the river {6.15.13}

On a rare Saturday off after a sleepover with my girl Erika Brooke, we trekked down to little Washington for an afternoon down at the Elks' river house. So much fun ensued. It was the first time in a long time that I took out my camera to play with, so there are WAY more pictures than there need to be to convey what a great afternoon is was. But both Kaley & I had our cameras (and I had my new toy!) & photographers feed off one another so LOTS OF PICTURES.

Just chilling...which is what we do best.
Junk food noms.
Hey there, I could get used to this view.
My friends are the freaking BEST. They know me SO WELL it's not even funny.
Wide angle lens, DW shirt, and 10's screwdriver.

Playing with my new toy.

Conner's comment on this face: "Wow, you really can't just smile for the camera can you?"
Erika's excited face is MUCH cuter.

They had a BLAST on that thing.
photo from Kaley, taken by Mom.

Watching our boys paddle-board.
photo from Kaley, taken by Mom. 

Pretty dang excited for my first-ever jet-ski ride.
photo from Kaley, taken by Mom.
I need one. Well, a jet ski and a river house too.
After an afternoon of jet-skiing, paddle-boarding, eating, and general teenage happenings, we went down to the waterfront & had a birthday dinner at Down by the Waterfront (literal name of the resturant). Such good times.

So blessed to have such great friends who take pictures of me!
photo by Kaley

It was kinda sorta amazing in there.
Trying to decide what to get.

My love for Shrimp & Grits knows no end.
Mom and I split it cause good grief there was a lot.
After dinner, we walked across the street to the waterfront and had a photoshoot cause my friends are so attractive. Kudos to Kaley for suggesting it. 

Yes Lord, you did good. So beautiful.

Photo by Kaley

The ducks tried (and failed) to photobomb us. 

Scouting out places. My photographer heart was so proud.

Golden hour at the waterfront. LOVE.

My best friend, the budding photographer. 

Lemme tell ya about this girl Erika...she is wise beyond her years and has SUCH a heart for the Lord. She's got a laugh just like mine, and we basically insult each other to the point of tears...from crying because we're laughing so hard. I love this girlie to death!


Crazy chick. 

Lovelovelove her.

I don't know, maybe she loves me back?
photos from Kaley, taken by Mom.

I also happen to love THIS girl a whole heck of a lot. She is my best friend, and has been for years...well over a decade now. I can talk to her about anything, and vice versa. She's not afraid to tell me straight up that I need to shape up, and she's the only one that can give me the truth about myself without me wanting to slap her (I'm working on that one). She would do anything for me and she's completely understanding of my situations. She ALWAYS points me back to Christ, and I love her SO much for it. Kaley Michelle, I LOVE YOU!

Yep. Us.

Sometimes Kaley takes pictures of me, and I get a new profile picture. We have a great friendship like that.

 Such a wannabe model.
photos by Kaley.

Me in my natural state.
photo by Kaley.
And in that moment, I swear my photographer heart stopped.
These two girls are too much attractiveness for one photo. I am SO glad they are getting closer and closer! 

And these guys? Love both my brothers so much. You know guys have a good friend when the pose for pictures together.


Pretty much us.
photo from Kaley, taken by me.

DEAD. Look at how natural those faces look!
photo from Kaley, taken by me.

Bromance at it's finest.
photo from Kaley, taken by...someone.

I love this kid so much.
photo from Kaley, taken by Erika.
And don't get me started on these two. They are such a great, Godly couple and I'm not the only one that loves them...but I might love them the most.

D'awww! They make cliche couple pictures look good. 
photos from Kaley, taken by me.

This is them.

Photo from Kaley, taken by me.

Holy sun flare Batman!
photo from Kaley, taken by me.

Country couple all the way!
photo from Kaley, taken by me.

photo from Kaley, taken by me.

Yup, it's love all right.

Those boys are killing me with their model faces.
We are attractive. It's a fact.
This is more like us.

A little dirty windshield bokeh for you. It was a perfect way to end the day, riding off into the sunset.
I need more Saturdays down at the river with my best friends. Life just seems so much better afterwards.