WIWW: a new twist on the original

Today I'm linking up with Lindsey for WIWW {What I Wore Wednesday}. Initially, it was started to keep Lindsey accountable and wear things {real clothes! gasp!} other than yoga pants and sweatshirts. Now it's blossomed into over 150+ bloggers joining in and sharing fashion tips/tricks for other WIWW particpants. 
All the cool kids are doing it. GussyLisa LeonardKimMoriah, and Lindsey herself. I'm not one to buckle under the peer pressure, but I've jumped on the bandwagon. I think it's a great way to show you guys what I wear...without having to wear skirts for a week.

I've fallen off the bandwagon...for real this time. I started following more fashion blogs & becoming a little less inspired by my lack of wardrobe, started receiving less hand-me-downs & baby-sitting jobs, therefore less money to buy new clothes. And the best thing of all: I just plain ran out of clothes in my closet that I hadn't showed you readers before!

But! I've been able to find a few new outfits, buy a couple new clothing items & get back into the habit of taking pictures of said new clothes. A new addition that happened to influence my jump back into the WIWW was the fact that Lindsey started theme weeks; this week's theme if your favorite thrift finds. I'm the queen of thrift stores & when I find something, I find something BIG. So, here's my favorite thrift finds!


{Dress: Local consignment shop; Brand: Old Navy}
{Belt: Mama's closet}
{Shoes: JCPenny's}

All pics credit my bestie Emmylou! Thanks woman! ;)

 {Shirt: Local consignment shop; Brand: Old Navy}
{Pants: Hand me down}
{Shoes: Converse}
{Sunnies: Calcutta}
{Necklace: Beach shop}

Another change that might happen around here: outfit posts! I'm still going to link up each individual post to WIWW {or maybe compile a post each Wednesday with my outfit posts? everything is still up in the air}, but I'm thinking of adding some outfit posts to Simply SA's post roster. What do you think readers? Yay or nay?

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  1. I <3 your chic outfits, SA! You always have good taste. :)